I grew up in the 1970’s admiring heroes of ink and pulp. Later in the 80’s I contributed a bit to the comic scene in Europe, and now, old and wise(r) I follow the scene with an insider’s perspective.

This site offers subjective rating. I’m striving to create a site that compiles Comics worthy of mention.

The rating is done on stars, from NONE (Absolute garbage) to TEN stars (IMPOSSIBLE TO IMPROVE, and likely impossible to obtain), in increments of 1/2 star. My main criteria for the rating is whether the work in question contributes something original and positive to the media. The entertainment factor or the popular factor rank very lowly on this system. You may read here of something that inmensely popular and I still give it a low ranking in stars.

I don’t presume to be like one of those critics who actually believe their opinion matters. I come out clean stating that this is my perspective, and then I try to state as clearly as I can muster why a book is worthy of praise or not. I will always strive to quantify my opinions as much as possible.

If you don’t think I achieve this goal let me know, via a comment or an e-mail,because that will be the fastest way for me to improve on doing what I love.

I will try to post reviews at a rate of 1 or 2 per week. Most of my reviews will be done on Graphic Novels.


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