Comic Review: Taking up Savage Dragon

So I recently took up again Savage Dragon from Erik Larsen when an acquaintance told me that now (SPOILER ALERT) the dragon is the original dragon’s kid. I scratched my chin and though “I didn’t expect this from Erik Larson” I’ve met Erik in a few cons, and I always introduced myself as a lukewarm fan,…

Comic Review: Rumble

Rumble Writer: John Arcudi Artist: James Harren Publisher: Image Comics This series started being published towards the end of 2012.

Comic Review: Five Ghosts

Five Ghosts Writer(s): FRANK J. BARBIERE Artist(s): CHRIS MOONEYHAM US Publisher:  Image Synopsis: A tale of a treasure hunter who hosts 5 different spirits (Ghosts) all with different skill sets.  Told in a good old fashion pulp style. The Review: I hate it when I arrive late to a party, and even hate it more when I discover a…

Comic Review:(Floppy) The Big Lie #1

The Big Lie #1 Writer(s): Rick Veitch Artist(s): Rick Veitch, Gary Erskine, Thomas Yeates US PUBLISHER: Image Comics The Plot: A scientist travels back in time to warn her husband about the 9/11 attacks, and tries to show him proof.

Comic Review: The Pro By Garth Ennis and Amanda Conner

The Pro Writer(s): Garth Ennis Penciller(s): Amanda Conner Inker(s): Jimmy Palmiotti Colorist(s): Paul Mounts US Publisher: Image Comics THE PLOT A prostitute is given superpowers by an extraterrestrial entity and winds up joining a league of superheroes to fend off evil doers.

Comic Review: The Sword by the Luna Brothers.

Writer(s): Luna Brothers Artist(s): Luna Brothers Publisher: Image comics, 2007   PLOT: A young handicapped woman witnesses her family being butchered in front of her eyes. Upon dying, she touches a sword that gives her incredible healing powers and strength. Now she embarks on a mission of… what else… revenge.  

COMIC REVIEW: Violent Messiahs: The Book of Job

Violent Messiahs: The Book of Job, Vol. 1 Writter(s): Joshua Dysart Artist(s): Tone Rodriguez Published by Image comics Date Published: Plot: In the city of Rankor, on Rankor island, a vigilante has been taking over the streets, while a serial killer decimates families and leaves behind pain and despair. The police officer who gets closer to…