Comic Review: The Goddamned

Goddamned01The Goddamned

Writer(s):  Jason Aaron

Artist(s): R.M.Guéra

 US Publisher:  Image Comics



My favorite publisher in the whole wide world (Hyperbole, but you get the idea), has done it again.

And what a great way of getting back on the saddle of writing a comic review than with this great amazing title.

The team who brought you the wonder comic “SCALPED” got together now to bring us something truly innovative in the american comic landscape.

This title has been dubbed by the author and creator, “Bible Noir”, but it is much more than that label.  This is fiction over fiction (for those of us who consider most of the bible stories moral fiction, that is).  The synergy between writer and artists is almost perfect in this story, and given the panorama of artists and writers I can barely configure a better team to draw me into this story.

But what is this comic about?

Okay. We are going to go over the story of creation from biblical terms, you know? Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, etc… but it is going to be told from a dramatic perspective, giving new shifts to old paradigms, and telling old stories with new perspectives. The main character will be Cain, and he will be inmortal, and seeking an end.

But why should I care?

You should let yourself be immersed in this new tale of the origins of civilization. Here everyone is scared or mutilated, because life is an ephemeral dream, a passing whim of the creator, and life smells of blood and feces.

GODDAMNED-01-And in this world we will get flashbacks of how things used to be before all went to hell!

To serve as a stark comparison to the current state of things, where beasts like dragons and dinosaurs roam among dwarves, giants, and other deformed humanoids,  and all types of violence and depravity is not only allowed but actually encouraged.

Guéra excels at ambiance settings, and at expressions, but the action of the fight scenes sometimes gets too jumbled and visually dirty. But this is not a superhero comic, so I couldn’t give less craps about. Following the shifts and changes of Cain and his relentless pursue of death we get an objective point of view for this savage world, this x-rated aberration (the world, not the comic), that draw us to stare at it, like we would watch the victims of a trainwreck from a passing car.

I picked up the first on, read it on the store, and then pick up the other two (as of this writing, Image was up to Issue 3), paid, and went home to devour them.

I don’t know how bible thumping fundamentalists are going to take this, whether an accurate representation of how things took place, or an anathema, but I find it lots of fun.

Another site with an in-depth review

308895-57910-deadpoolBuy this comic, or Deadpool will go to your house and finish your frozen tacos!!


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