Why I stopped purchasing floppies (like I used to)

The question I posit is:

Keep sales up by destroying continuity?


Keep sales up by enhancing previous storylines?

Today I heard the announcement of Marvel’s relaunch of Black Widow in its own comic.

bw2[1]I saw the cover art, and I liked it.

But then, as I was wondering if I should go out and buy it and start collecting it a though came to my mind.

What black widow is this?

The black widow that was a russian spy?

The black widow that bedded Nick Fury when Nick himself was relaunched in the late 60’s?

The black widow that flirted with Daredevil?

The black widow that betrayed Tony on the Ultimates?


I miss continuity.

I was a kid in the 1970’s and you could buy an issue of Spiderman and see him fighting Tarantula, and kissing Gwen, and if you missed 4 issues, you would find out he was dating Betty Brant but was feeling remorse for Gwen and his fight with Taratula had a side effect that is showing now.

But now?

It seems we have a relaunch of these characters every other Thursday and a new storyline ignores everything that ocurred before.

Some friends argue that is a golden age of creativity. I think is just lazy writing.

We, the readers, don’t invest (our time and money) in this characters just to see what the next writer in the spotlight feels like doing with them, just to end up with a product that shows no respect for the guys that came before this one writer.

I think they should try to stand on the shoulder of the giants that came before them, and not practice so much scorched earth to just build a hut village.

There are noble exceptions to this criticism. You want to see what happens if Captain America had two penises, instead of one? That’s the niche of the “WHAT IF” brand!!

Heck, even DC came up with “Elsewhere Worlds” in which it produced some brilliant alternate stories

You see, it is not an issue of saying that everything has been written about these characters. Is a matter that the old writer of yesteryear, the one that read a stack of previous issues to become familiar with the character is gone. Now the ego is so inflated that we accept those writer’s statements: “I wanted to remain unsullied by what other writers did before me, and wanted to put my take on the character” masking what it really means: “I wanted to write about pink elephants and rap music, and I really don’t feel like reading what happened to the character before I wrote it.”

Marvel, get your tits wet.

There are issues to be tackled. Captain America can fight internal corruption and military scandals, can fight political malfeasance, can fight corporate plutocracy into the political system, and can stand for the vets who have to put up with the shitty VA.

Thor can deal with the consequences of his godly actions, he can fight a universe eating threat, and then deal with the consequences of the fall out when the corpse falls to earth. God among men stuff.

Daredevil deals with new kingpings trying to gentrify Hells kitchen and may even have to join forces with the old kingpin.

But make arches that matter, for fuck’s sake!!!

Not disposable garbage, or storylines that we have to forget as soon as we finish reading them!!!

You are all scurrying around holding your nuts while titles like The Walking Dead, or Invincible, are showing you how it is done.

Here is an idea (For free): You remember all those titles spiderman used to have? Web of spiderman, the amazing spiderman, peter parker is spiderman, spiderman…. etc..Fill your current shitty storylines in those titles, and leave one of them telling a canonical arch.

I dare you.

Maybe then we would have a reason to plunk our hard earned money into a floppy.



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