We need more “It’s not you. It’s me.” In some cases.

A day does not go by that I turn my head, follow a hyperlink, open a tweet, read a blog, see a facebook post where someone starts moaning/bitching/gloating about the over-sexualization of fictional characters.

Today seems to be Joshua Rivera’s turn, from Business Insider.


He posted an article about the new Bruce Timm project, “Justice League: God and Monsters”

He states that “Batman (…) is hunting down Harley Quinn, who is more demented (and scantily clad) than ever before.
Mhhh,.. OK….

Then he adds… “Why is she barely wearing anything? This is so weird.”

Again, this is an obvious case of “eyes of the beholder”

It also could be viewed as the reflection of a segment of the population trying to proselytize their puritanical left-over culture, imposing its bias on the rest of us.

Why do I say this?
The character is nuts. She just murdered 5 people, kidnapped 1, and made a fake family with corpses, and you, Joshua, are wondering why she is “scantly clad”???

I prefer to think that this is just bait journalism, something business insider uses to a fault. You know, like those stupid posts in Facebook where the title says “He didn’t know about till no. Did you???” and no more info, so its baiting you to click on the link to read the story on their website.

If I turn on Duck Tales, or Dora the Explorer and I see a character wearing a garter belt and “fuckmehard” heels I may question why. That’s a perfect instance to ask why, Josua!!
When I see an adult themed show, whether its True Blood or Batman Unlimited, and see a boob, or a butt cheek, I may wonder if this fits my moral view, and whether I want to watch the show, but IT IS AN ADULT CHARACTER, WRITTEN BY AN ADULT CREATOR, DEALING WITH ADULT THEMES.

Why then is Harley wearing a garter belt??? Really???  Not how come she can swing that huge hammer so swiftly or what motivated to kill a whole family and stage them????
So this….

and this…

raises more questions that this

  or this     ???

In most cases the character doesn’t have to explain much about his/her actions.

And we, as an audience, are in much of a position to ask why.
You see… it’s not them. Its you!

In this instance, Harley is a goner, demented, looneybin, bonkers, etc…

Her pathology may drive her to revel in baser instincts. As such, she may enjoy murder, mayhem and sex.

Why, oh why, are you focusing on her wardrobe, when she is keeping heads wrapped in plastic in a freezer?????


My word… I think we are truly fucked!!!


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  1. tuscck says:

    The puritan attitude toward nakednes and sex in comics and movies, that seems to be shared by a lot of Americans, always makes me chuckle, being a European and all. I dare say that feeling is shared by a lot of people on the other side of the ocean.

    Personally it never ceases to amaze me: the amount of violance and gore presented in comics and movies in america. I sometimes think whats wrong with you people. Ofcourse we have our fair share here too. Probs imported like the hamburger and coca cola.

    If you wanne wine about something…

  2. ComicWatcher says:

    Personally I think it has to do with some perverted sense of “hollier than thou” that gets transposed to sex. And nakedness.
    And then, it ends up permeating most aspects of the culture.

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