Facebook forces me to compromise

On a follow up on my previous post, Facebook sent me an update, and their main problem was me using a pseudonym, ComicWatcher.
So I had to allow them to use my real name, Gerald Dean.
Since I have so many contacts, and I keep so many links to people, I gave in.
More to come… the story is not over.


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  1. tuscck says:

    Just discovered Ello(social network):

    Ello started as a private social network consisting of seven artists and programmers. After a year of private use, the creators redesigned the web site and launched a public version.
    The site promised it would never sell user data, proclaiming that “You Are Not A Product”.

    Ello gained added attention in September 2014, when numerous members of the LGBTQ community, left Facebook following the controversial enforcement of its real-name policy thought to be intended to exclude drag queens in San Francisco.

    Ello reorganized itself as a benefit corporation(which prohibits its current and any future owners from breaking that promise) and raised a further $5.5 million in venture capital.


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