The ComicWatcher may be joining the ranks of the people who leave Facebook

About two days ago from the date of the date of this posting, your friendly ComicWatcher got a notice from Facebook stating they were turning my account into a page and disabling my login.

I had to create a new set of credentials to manage “the page” and all my friends were gone.
I seriusly have no idea how this came to be.
My profile shows my name, although I use the Alias ComicWatcher….

So when I tried to appeal the decision, they (someone at FB) requested that I upload a government Issued ID.
Very strange request coming from a social network, you know? Something to be used as a leisure and recreation activity….
Since I want to keep in touch with my followers, I did submit it, but truth is I don’t expect them to do much about it.
So if things don’t get resolved, I will be severing ties with Facebook, and likely will join the ranks of the millions of people who turn ANTI-Facebook.
I mean, was it not enough that I gave them troves of traffic, articles, and original materials?
Anyway, I think they did me a favor, since I was never comfortable with their Privacy Policy to begin with.


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