Moments that defined your love for comics (Part 2)

Comics have the advantage of having not so much corporate oversight (discounting the Big Two, of course) and being venues for creativity.
Unfortunately, in the US, our storytelling is heavily centered around super-heroes, and that limits us on the types of stories we can tell.

Love Affair #4

Hombre, by Jose Ortiz and Antonio Segura


This work strikes the perfect balance of amazing (and full of shock) writing, and incredible illustration.

You should try to find the Black and White version. It is how it is meant to be read.

But basically, after you read this one of two things will happen.

a) either you will never write a dystopian novel/script again, because nothing can ever surpass this.

b) all your fiction will be dystopian for a while, because you will setting your sights very high and will be trying to surpass this masterwork, out of sheer admiration.

Among other things, these scripts redefine conventions in very succinct ways, like the aging of the hero, the concept of anti-hero, the frailty of humanity, the fine lines to cross that separate a good guy from a bad guy, etc…

If you want a link on the bibliography of this character


Love Affair #5

The Savage Sword of Conan #4 By John Buscema and Alfredo Alcala.

savage sword conan #4 iron shadows moon What do you get when you pair one of the best penciler with one of the best inker in the world?

You get Savage Sword of Conan #4, that’s what you get.

The adaptation of the story by Robert Howard titled Iron Shadows in the Moon turned out to be legendary and amazing.
Page after page the strong and flawless firms depicted by the Master John Buscema turn to get embellished beyond belief with the expert inks of Alfredo Alcala.

John Buscema hated drawing inanimated objects, such as backgrounds, buildings and cars. That was partially why he loved doing Conan.
What is so more difficult to understand is why he complained so much about the inking by Alfredo Alcala.
Then again, artists are known to have such pain in the ass fragile egos…

Reminds me of the issues that Will Eisner had with Warren publishing his covers of Spirit with colors by Richard Corben or Ken Kelly. The results were AMAZING, but since it was not what the artists envisioned.. Eisner ended up voicing his discontent.

That’s why so often it pays to learn to relinquish creative control, and let other people bring their input into your work. You may not like it how it deviates from your vision, but when you are creating for an audience, sometimes your vision is not the be-all-end-all, and the changes people introduce enrich your concept.

Thank goodness there are dozens of other instances of collaboration between Buscema and Alcala, for the rejoicing of all art fans. What Buscema disliked drawing, Alcala rendered masterfully well, allowing finally the Cimarian to trample a world full of buildings, vegetation and landscapes that usually were very bare when Buscema was penciling.



Love Affair #6

The Tomb of Dracula (Whole Collection)  By Gene Colan and Marv Wolfman.

Why is this a landmark?

Bunch of reasons. One of them is the amazing, fabulous, awe-inspiring art of art of Master Gene Colan.

Another is the fact that this is one of those few times in comic history when the same group of creators stays on a title till the title closes.

And not to mention there was a cross over of horror with superheroes, such as silver surfer, or spiderman.

From April 1972 to August 1979 you could read the evolution of a character, and watch the writer and the even the artist evolve and make the story grow with them.

Total must. And you can either purchase the Essentials series, or find it in Omnibus.



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  1. tuscck says:

    Savage sword of conan. Isnt that a cover of Frank Frazetta? His art generated sales for books and comics no matter the content.

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