Women’s fashion in comics….it shouldn’t matter.

What is wrong with people? (Don’t answer. I know already… A LOT!!)

Would you give a book full of incest, infanticide, murder, wars to a kid to read?

Well, how come so many kids are being sent to bible camp, here in the South of the US? Because in case you haven’t noticed, the judo-christian bible is full of those examples.

Would you give a comic full of sex, gore and violence to a kid to read?

No? Exactly! That’s why “The Crossed” is not for kids.

Then… why all these idiotic protests about WonderWoman looks like this, and Starfire looks like that?

PARENTS and adults in general, are responsible for what their kids read. Periods. And kids are supposed to sneak away and try to read things that are inappropriate for them.

We (in the United States of America) live in a somewhat free society (or one that keep telling itself it is) and as such, there is going to be a great variety of books and comics being published, because they respond to market demands.

Some will depict characters in a PG way, some wont, and either will go for blatantly sexualized version, or will stay with the cheesecake version.

I read one, or the other, and then move on, depending whether they addressed my taste. If they haven’t I drop them and it takes a miracle or a the passage of a very long amount of time, for me to pick them up again. If I get my expectations met, I keep buying them.

But then I read this:


And my question remains: WHY?

Why should we make it a subject of public debate?

Is it because there are no comic book alternatives? Isn’t there a plethora of “Safe” starfire comics Lucy couldn’t have picked up from the .25 Cent bin at the local comic book shop?

Isn’t there a bunch of Saturday morning cartoons she can watch with safe Teen Titans?

Lucy is in college, and she doesn’t understand the cultural complexities of alien life forms? Or market sales in comics? Man.. we are screwed with idiots like these in college!

Or you may argue something to the effect that these materials desensitize the male population concerning abuse towards women.
To which  I counter-argue that without examples like these we couldn’t illustrate counterpoints of a conversation.
At the end of the day, the problem is not that we have porn, or cheesecake, or burlesque, or gore, or violence, or gunplay in comics. What is really the problem is that some people decide to do wrong.

Some people decide to murder, abuse, rape, harass, humiliate, and basically do evil.

You may argue that some people don’t know better, others may argue they need to be taught, others may argue that behavior is learned and as a society we are responsible for each other….
And then they seem to forget that for a society to be free and open, there have to be counterpoints, and counter-culture movements.

Another article of people just focusing on their agenda.


Man, is this script cliched, or what!

Either Sean E. Williams got hired to write a pamphlet on sexual harassment  and I didn’t know about it, or he decided to talk down to its audience to a degree where I can’t find my brain anymore?
Mind you, I am not against pamphlets nor pro sexual harassment. I am against cliched writing in shape manner or form.

Let me see if I understood the critical points of the plot correctly: A dude who knows and admires  WonderWoman, thinks he can manhandle her??? And he pulls out a shotgun in the middle of the street??

I repeat, sell me this as “Wonderwoman against harassment” and I will make a post about how proactive DC is cleaning their image.

Make me pay for this, expecting original adventures…I get pissed because I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading about something I already know and conveyed to me in an unoriginal manner.

And do not have the audacity to state “Fashion matters”

Yes. Fashion Matters. Very Little. In the whole scheme of things.

When there are millions of unsolved cases of missing children in the US alone… fashion matters.

When troop are still being deployed in foreign countries to fight for the corporate interests of a few multinational companies… fashion matters.

When our education levels are deplorable, and we consistently keep coming at the bottom of the charts of charts comparing industrialized countries… fashion matters.

When our police forces seem to live in a state of constant militarization, and there is no oversight over the police who shot people on sight… fashion matters.

When our political classes are in bed with the oligarchs and together they are destroying the middle class, and creating a large segment of underemployed populations…… fashion matters

When the only debt you can’t get rid off via bankruptcy is the one imposed in our student class via student loans and young adults are leaving colleges with several thousands of dollars in debt…… fashion matters


So, no. Excuse me if I don’t care if Starfire is a detached sexual being, or if Wonderwoman shows her ass too much through her shorts.

And I am tired of this fallacy that SOME women keep purporting when they repeat like parrots: “I dress this way to feel good about myself, not for you.”

Let’s deconstruct this with logic.
Granted, you may not be dressing for me, specifically,( nor anyone should expect you too). So far, we agree.

But then you derive pleasure or “feel good” feeling from “dressing this way”. Dressing has a functional side to it, protect us from elements, and maintain a constant core temperature for our bodies.
But if you make fashion statement and are not dressing just for functional purposes. You are not the proverbial arbol that falls in the forest where no one can hear it. You dress comforming to norms and expectations in your society and societal circles. You expect to create a reaction, you expect to build a perception and construct an identity based on how the other members of society perceive you.
SO FUCK YOU, YOU ARE DRESSING FOR US. For ALL of us, but you are.
And by the way, so am I and so is everyone else who doesn’t live in a cabin in the woods 100 miles away from civilization.

So lets agree that you are not dressing to attract MY particular attention, but also lets agree that societal interaction is a two way street. You try to influence society with your tools and society will try to influence your behavior with theirs.

So please, WOMEN OF THE WORLD, stop repeating “I don’t dress for you!” because in a way you do.  Find something else and more original to say.

But even if you do, its ok. Because I won’t fucking care.

Because fashion doesn’t matter, when there are a gazillion causes to address and a bigillion of issues to fix in this planet earth.




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  1. Django says:

    eeeh, problems with the Misses?? 🙂

    1. ComicWatcher says:

      LOL… no, cause she doesn’t read my blog! LOL

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