State of a project: Main Character coming to life (Part 2)

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The main character is getting fleshed out. But there are a few plot devices I have to take into consideration. For example, since the totality of the story spans an arch of a decade, I have to evolve the character and age him.

I also have to account for the wounds and injuries he is going to incur in the course of his career, and also give some as a back story, and part of his upbringing.


M.Sketch8 The appearance of the hero is becoming more consistent and solid.

The base is a muscular but thin frame, he is not so much bulky as solid steely muscle.

He is asked to make appearances in the gray suit that is so emblematic of the character he is playing, but as soon as he is left to his devices, he switches to Tshirt and Jeans.

The mask is also cute, but not necessary. He puts it on mainly for work. This is a homage to Will Eisner and his crime fighting creation, where the man behind the mask was just circumstantial to the wonderful stories that were being told, stories about people, circumstances, a city and its dwellers, life in full bloom and decadence….

Also, I want to highlight this concept of a man who is expected to interpret a hero characters, but he hates it.

It is the story of a man who is working as a comic book character, and the things he encounters.


With heart-felt apologies to KAARE ANDREWS
The amazing work of KAARE ANDREWS, that I used as a reference for sketching.

His look is usually somber and grim, but not because it is aesthetically pleasant, or trendy, or because I am into dark heroes. It is so because I want to narrate the evolution of a character who started already disenchanted, and to whom life has done nothing but beat the crap out of him. Even when a golden opportunity is presented (such as playing the comic book character for a big company )in the long haul it is reveal to be a grueling, thankless job.



Some final remarks:

The hero wears gloves because the character he plays wears tehm, but he ends up liking them. Mainly practical reasons, like not leaving fingerprints, and protecting his knuckles in fistfights.


The mask, the domino mask, always will show the string, and will mark an imprint in hair.

He wears it when he has to, and takes it off as soon as he can.

I am currently working out the location and type of scars. I hope to be done soon.


Now you may be asking yourselfs “But dude! why don’t you make a character sheet, so you can keep around? Everyone else does it!”

Well, this is my creation and my character sheet consists in getting renditions of him in the impasses that make an impact to the story and reflecting the visual impact on those landmarks accurately. If i were to hire/colaborate with another artist, then without question I would make a character sheet, with measurements, and poses to pass on.

Marvel Character sheet from the 1990’s Great Tool for collaborating.
Matt Murdock Character sheet by Wally Wood
Classic Buscema Character Sheet

Next, I will sketch some concept art, trying to start fleshing out the environment and how the characters fit in it.

I had three concept ideas that came to me naturally.

One of them was about the loneliness of the hero, despite being surrounded by remanants of humanity.

He stands on a rooftop, trying to face the future, that is out of our visual range.



Cover.Sketch.2828The sky is gray and dark with stormy clouds.

No doubt something nasty this way approaches. The rooftop is old, and cheap looking.
Behind him a sign of the company he work for, and the ones who own the character he plays.


In the same theme, I visualize the hero sitting in a tall building ledge, while the city expands behind him.

This concept saw two drafts, and the second one managed to capture me so much, that I directly proceeded to test inking it, so I regret to say I can’t show you the sketching process, because I forgot to scan it.


Inks on concept art.3I initially intended to leave the title area blank, and edit it on photoshop, but got carried away, and started inking it.

I only used two different thickness inking pens. I started only inking the billboard shown in the lower right bottom as an experiment, and ended up doing most of it, just because I haven’t inked in a while.


Another idea that came to me, was the character sitting in a park bench, maybe feeding the pigeons, while behind him we see a bunch of different iconic superheroes, all darkened, because the sun is setting behind them and creates a shadow effect.

This is something that I’m still toying with, and shifting perspectives, and angles.


Here are some 1 minute sketches showing the concept.

Sketch on concept art.3939 Sketch on piece of concept art, involves rendering a very old movie poster, a classic (and by “classic” i do mean older than 1980’s) and use my character replacing the title character.

Still working on that one, so I will keep it under wraps till I got it in a presentable stage.


Finally I will leave you with some cover art that I created more than 20 years ago, to show you that many of the components of this project have been in place for the longest time.

Hero.Thecall._n Hero.Thekiss_4270056_n

Both works are done in china ink, with halftones.
If memory serves me they are from 1995/97

Man! Needless to say, I look at them now and I can’t stop enumerating the improvements that I would make, but back then… young and foolish and all of that!

Well, that is all for now. Next blog entry I will show some of the surrounding characters, and


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