Time for a change.

No, this is not one of those post entries announcing I will stop blogging, or that I am taking a break etc…

Actually, I’ve been pretty busy at night updating and penning some scripts for what is to become my next project.

One of those projects that saw light 10 years ago, and then went to the backburner due to unforeseen circumstances, or in other words, life.

The project started as a SuperHero critique in a dystopian world, but more and more has turned into a social commentary on relatable issues, a lot of them pertaining to politics and social norms and behaviors.

So, from time to time I will share some sketches and some concepts on the blog under the heading COMIC PROJECT

The idea is that if I ever get it published, the items posted on the blog will complement the reading of the graphic narrative, in the way that puzzle pieces fit together.


artist at work AM




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