Zero Libertad. A Project in Kickstart that carries promise…

It came to my attention recently, that a group of artists brought to the stage 2 years ago, an edgy play called Zero Libertad.

You can read all about the play, and its political connotations at their website.

The play was shown in small theaters in the South and it dealt with the Nicaraguan contras, and returning to the State side.

The artists involved in the play stayed with the theme and now are in kickstart, gathering funds for an album and for a graphic novel.


And of course, it is the “Graphic Novel” part that piked my attention.

Originally written and performed by Alana Macias (insert on the right),

and it promises (as read in the PR poster) ” integrated with music, film, visual and live art, high and low culture, pain and pleasure, glam and slam. Audiences will be bombarded with velocity and stimuli in order to experience on a visceral level how the Contra War of Nicaragua was experienced by one broken spirit.”

Well, since I love supporting underdogs, I feel I did my bit.
If you want to back up the project, look for it in Kickstarter, or visit their website for more info.



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