Sometimes projects have a way of finding you….

For the past month or so, I’ve been mauling the posibility of reviviing a comic book project that remains dormant since the mid 1990’s.

I abandoned said project when the market collapsed and the publishers where busy trying to make more of the same that got them in trouble, but make it profitable. In other words, doing nothing worthwile.

At the time, I presented the project to three or four publishers and got all kinds of reluctant justifications why not to do it:

I collected quite a few of these through the years, pitching comics
“It is very non commercial. You are not going to find an audience”

“The timing is not right for this”

“There is nothing like that out there. This is not the time to try something new!”

“This is not fit for comics”

and one that actually is my favorite (not being sarcastic here)

“This is way ahead of its time. The audiences are not ready for this”

Well… what do you know? Almost 20 years later I find the scripts and the drafts, and some concept art in one of my “ancient history” drawers and while reading through it I came to the realization that the material still holds up pretty well! And it is entertaining to boo!

I mean, I am reading this with almost 20 years of separation from the is that for an objective and impartial revision?

So, I decided to start updating it, and making it pitcheable again.

That’s kinda what i’ve been doing for the past month, and think I will continue to do for the next few months.

I’m still on the fence about a suggestion a friend made of turning this blog into a progress-account of my endeavors.
We will see.


Stay tuned for now.



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  1. Sounds interesting. Feel free to send anything my way at any point.

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