What am I reading now?: Fourth week of May 2012

I thought to myself, lets add some graphics, like thumbs up and “Mehs”.

Amazing Spiderman 684

Pretty entertaining, with a dynamic and crafty artists.

John Byrne’s Next Men Aftermath 40.

Byrne will always be Byrne. I do not like him so much as a great writer, and sometimes don’t love him as much as I used to as artists, but this series is still entertaining and takes some unexpected turns.

The Last Phantom 11

I stand by the good review I gave


New All Star Western 8

Still enjoying this western series.

Artifacts 17

OK, I kinda picked this up midway and it left me wondering WTF???  I liked the art.

Astonishing X-men 49

I am not sure I can vouch for this storyline, but I completely love the art, by Mark Perkins. Awesome sequential art and awesome technical skills.

Amazing Spider-man Parallel Lives 1

You want a recap of the the classic adventures of Peter Parker, this is a good place to start. If you are all caught up with spidey’s storyline … what’s the point?

New Batman 9


Daredevil 11 and 12

Pretty good art, and nice characters, with spidey making a cameo and a story about power.

Deadpool 54

I like Deadpool’s offthewall humor. Lately it was dragging. But in this issue it  picked up. Stay tuned i guess.


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