What am I reading now? First May 2012

I thought to myself, lets add some graphics, like thumbs up and “Mehs”.

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? # 23

Awesome! Try adapting a thick, deep book, cutting edge science fiction, and put it in comic book format. And try to adapt it in its totality!
Well, in my humble opinion, they pull it off.
Make sure you love Phillip K. Dick’s work.

Dark Horse Presents  #08

This is something we don’t have enough in the comic market. Serialized samplers… simply awesome. And the material presented by Dark Horse is, in its majority, top notch.
If you like serialized comics, this one is a must to pick up.

Dungeons and Dragons # 15

What a huge surprise this series has been. AMAZING writing! The art is eficient and capable, but the writing captures you, and the dialogue keeps things pretty agile and dynamic.

Judge Dredd magazine # 320

A great mag from over the pond,

Pick it up.

War Goddess #5

I am lukewarm about this one. Are they trying to sell the sexy amazon, sexy but powerful, or they are trying to sell the powerful but sexy?

For my taste, something doesn’t coalesce, doesn’t transcend to the WOW territory.

I will be skipping it for now.

Planet of the Apes #10

I took a gamble on this series, and found it to be an amazing comic, worthy of the Curtis magazines in Black and White, in

the mid 1970’s.

And Carlos Magno has became one of the best artists to watch out for.

I am getting a TPB as soon as I can.

This is what happens when a good writer gives a good script to an amazing graphic storyteller.

The Darkness #95

I pick this up once in a blue moon for the art, but the story… really doesn’t have anything new or innovative. Goes into my mediocre pile.

The Goon #36

I’ve been a fan of Eric Powell’s creation ever since I discovered the Paranormal Fighting anti-hero back in 1999.

Every so often, Eric throws in a glimpse of a garter belt, or too much cleavage, or something sexy as such.

I often wondered if he pushed the envelope and sold us more sexyness, and how his art would be. Well, here is the answer. The Goon 36 renders homage to burlesque, and he does it marvelously well.


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