The Last Phantom. That is some good jungle Mojo!!

The Last Phantom

US Publisher:  Dynamite


Modernizing the myth of the “Ghost who still walks”, Dynamite lunches an updated vision on the myth created by Lee Falk.

The Review:

If you arrived at this comic expecting a retold of the story of the classic hero created by Lee Falk… you may be in for a surprise. Wether that surprise is a pleasent one or unpleasent, it may be very subjective.

But it should be said that the hero that Lee Falk created was birthed before the Comics Code Authority, and thus it may be better suited for modern tastes.

After all, when The Phantom was created, it was based on other characters of pulp, like most pre-Comic Code Authority were.

Raw, brutal, visceral, and often not Politically Correct.

I think Scott Beatty shows immense respect for the original source material. And also, part of the reason why I decided to do a review entry on The Last Phantom is because I ascertained that this relaunch of the legend managed to pull the difficult feat of being great for the readers who are well versed on the nuances of the myth, as well as for those new readers who know nothing of the phantom.

The name of the horse of the ghost that walks, the myth of the ring, the oath in the cave, all gets worked in at different stages, and explained and incorporated to the myth.

And it is how it gets incorporated that i found it so satisfactory.

The art is a great vehicle for conveying the story. I can’t praise it as innovative, but it is direct, professional, and enhances the story providing the right tone.

The covers are done by Alex Ross, so if you are a fan, you will be in heaven.

The reader should be invested in the story for the long ride. Although each floppy can be read in the standard fashion in a very satisfactory manner, it is obvious to me that the story was planned to all the way through for the whole year.

Pick up the TPB and you will find a tale of vengeance that is told with unflinching steadiness and directness that is utmost refreshing.

You may not be able to avoid some comparisons with the DC wonderful title Unknown Soldier, but I assure you it is a different kind of vengeance all together.

I really love and respect what Dynamite is doing with so many Intelectual Properties, such as Tarzan and The Shadow among other and I wish them lots of financial success, so they can keep publishing these innovative comics.

For that and other reasons on my critic’s rating I give The Last Phantom

Seven Stars out of Ten.


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