What am I reading now? April 12th entry

Interesting week of catching up, mostly.

Jennifer Blood, published by Dynamite Numbers 1 through 7

disappointed regarding the shock value coming from this writer. Loved the covers. But the vengeance story turned pretty clichéd.

Did I mentioned I loved the cover art?

The Walking Dead #94

Before there was a AMC show, before Kirkman was getting mobbed at conventions, before he started producing and writing other shows, I got into this black and white comic from Issue 1.

After 94 issues, it maintained its level of story telling, mixing it fast with slow, horror with intimacy.

Some may complain that it stayed the same throughout the years, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m ok with more of the same, in this case.

 Action Comics #8

Darned! I started loving this superman, this raggedy reporter, this outlaw hero, and now, 8 issues later, I am all confused with the freaking story line.

Who though I would ever say this about Gran Morrison.

But no matter where the story went, Rag Morales made a great tour de force with the art!!

Batman and Robin #8

I loved this Robin from the get go. For me, it is the only Robin that Bruce Wayne could’ve ever fathered.

So this storyline of misplaced parental trusts and loyalties is pretty much on the money with this series.

And don’t miss the last page. That was quite the shocking ending!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. zetaatez says:

    como se bajan los comics ¿donde esta el link¿

  2. ComicWatcher says:

    This is a review blog. We don’t have links to download comics.

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