Focus on the Artist:Ladies and Gentlemen! Now, for everyone’s enjoyment…. the amazing Sergio Aragonés!!

Sergio Aragonés is another member of the crop of Spaniards who moved out of Spain during the Franco years, Thus, Sergio arrives to the US via Mexico, and started working for Mad magazine early on.

You can get all the details on his career on a Google search.

Sergio Aragonés would have lots of stories and advice to give you about the perils and difficulties about being a foreign born artists in the US, and having to deal with translators and making compromises on account of the language barrier.

Bear in mind, Sergio arrived in the US back in the 1960’s and started working for Mad magazine, when Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein were at the helm of the magazine and breaking new ground.

The anecdote of how cuban artists  Antonio Prohías (of Spy Vs. Spy fame) introduced him as his brother and how that created further confusion in the Mad editorial is not only well-known but also hilarious.

He should pass onto comic book history not so much for his contributions in DC, which were wonderful, but more because he broke new ground with his own style, and continued to build upon it for decades and decades.

His most famous creation, Groo the Wanderer, is a book that if you read too many issues back to back may seem repetitive, and the humour gets a bit tiresome, but then again the same thing would usually be said about any Marve; or DC characters.

The best work from Sergio’s work can be found (in my humble opinion) on the pages of Mad, on what it become known as “the Marginals”. These marginals, were amazing cartoons scribbed on the gutters of the pages. These cartoons are plain amazing, with such a quality on composition, so clever on content, that sometimes they overshadow the story that showcase them.

I know of tons of audiences/readers who the first thing they do when they get an issue of Mad is to go over the Marginals of Sergio.

Fortunetly, the great works of Sergio have been made recompilation and you can now buy nice TPB or hardcovers of most of Groo’s adventures.

But if you want to really get the full scope of his work, you should check out the rest of his works available at your LCS, like

Sergio Aragonés Funnies

Sergio Aragonés stomps Star Wars

Sergio Aragonés Louder than Words

Reading Sergio’s strips and comics will open lots of budding artists to a different kind of sensitivity towards humour, and will teach you a lot about comic-pacing visual-timing.

So head down to your LCS or get on line and fill the void in your reading routine for hilarious antics and amazing art, picking up some of Sergio Aragonés masterpieces.



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