Comic Review: Erotic Comics Recomendations

Erotic Comic Recommendations March 2012





 Damm! Reviewing comics is like some sort of lottery where you don’t know where the hits are going to land.

You cover some books from the Big Two and you get some hits, but mostly short term stuff.

Then you cover a guy like Greg Horn, and your hit count sky-rockets!

I actually like Erotic comics a lot. The few good ones that I’m able to find. You see, the majority of the erotic comic market is flooded with arrested development fantasies of teens that may have grown in age but their minds seem stuck in ruts dating right back to when they hit puberty.

Unfortunately, the market is there, even for the crappy stuff.

I sent a request, a calling for comments for people to point out their favorite erotic comics, and I barely got a response.

Sometimes I still feel that when it comes to comics, something’s evoking the Times Square of the 1980’s too strongly; the secrecy, the long-coats, the shame, the hush-hush…

Well, I will still leave the door open and take requests for a while, but thought I may start from the basics, and dispel the notions of what erotic comics I am reviewing and recommending.

Erotic comic is another genre, such as Super-Hero comic, Horror comic, or Fantasy comic.

Erotic comic has at its center a strong inclination to deal with passions and enticements of sexual or erotic nature. And they have to have sequential art.

Allow me to make some recommendations on what is indispensable reading, in this genre:

The Click Series by Milo Manara.

This series is composed of four graphic novels released in the US, and although it may not the best art from Milo Manara, it is the most representative and erotic that is widely available.

The Plot:

A woman goes over a treatment that makes her sexually aroused when a device is activated, thus the sound the device makes, CLICK.

The novels are full of amazing erotic art, following a semi-adventure storyline. Make sure the version you pick up is the “uncensored” one, to enjoy the full effect the artist had intended.

As Erotic Graphic Novels, this rates 9.5 out of 10

Druuna Series by Eleuterio Serpieri.

This series is comprised of 4 books and it is breath-taking. Serpieri has a realistic style that is detailed to the Nth degree. Intermingles violance with sex and it may be too strong for some readers.

The Plot:

A woman awakes in a strange environment, and tries to survive and understand where she is and why she is there.

As Erotic Graphic Novels, this rates 9 out of 10

Adam Hughes in Penthouse Comics

In 1994 Penthouse launched a comic version of its magazine. The company hired top guns in the field, such as Adam Hughes, Horacio Altuna, and Milo Manara.

The result was 33 issues of amazing erotic comic goodness! And although the series has been discontinued in the US, it has continued to be published overseas.

If you can find them buying and you will get some great Adam Hughes, and other artists comics.

These series will not be rated, since it is not a graphic novel. It is just AWESOME.

Oh Wicked Wanda, by Ron Embleton

Although Penthouse published a comic in 1994, Penthouse had a long history of including comics in its back pages, and later compiling them in specials.

Back in the mid 70’s, Ron Embleton did amazing artwork on this series, that through erotic humor poked fun at all aspects of american and foreign political life.

Very hard to find, but totally amazing.


Non Existent. Don;t waste your time.

As Erotic Graphic Novels, this rates 9.5 out of 10

Ghita of Alizzar by Frank Thorne

Frank Thorne did some great work for Marvel, in the series Red Sonja. But when he encounter some problems with the editors on the direction of the character, he left the company and started his own creation. Ghita.


Adventures of a young female warrior in an forgotten age, sorcery, swords and lots of boobs.

As Erotic Graphic Novels, this rates 9 out of 10

Horacio Altuna for Playboy

You remember Horacio Altuna? No?

I am not surprised.

This amazing artist is virtually ignored in the US.

Playboy magazine overseas have comissioned a series of erotic short stories from this amazing Argentinian artists, and eventually have published a few compilation books.

You may be able to find them in Ebay, and such places, but they will be in Spanish or some other foreign language. But totally worth it.

As Erotic Graphic Novels, this rates 9.5 out of 10

Now there are dozens, nay, thousands of other erotic comics worth mentioning, but we just wanted to open the topic and expose you to some of the best. This blog entry was not intended to be in any way comprehensive or all-encompassing.

I would love to hear the ones that made a dent on your tastes!


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  1. P.Rastock says:

    Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  2. crank dawg says:

    I would recommend Kentaro Miura’s Berserk. I would rate it as 5 out of 10 for pure erotic imagery, but I would put it in the erotic genre as it deals heavily with violent rape, love triangles, and sexual perversions.

    At its core it is a slash and sorcery story, but the author manages to really twist the reader’s emotions using the sexual situations of the characters.

  3. Erochikku says:

    Awesome reviews and selection!
    you’ve made this comic lover a follower of your blog!

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