What am I reading Now? February Part 3

Breed III #3, by Jim Starling.

Some may think this may be a bit outdated, since Sartling came up with Breed back in the 90’s but this latest iteration reads pretty nicely! And his contemporary updates hold up.

Jim Starlin is still a master.


All Star Western #5

Freaking love this series, from Jimmy Palmiotti and artists Moritat.

Enough elements of surprise, enough counterbalance, enough good characters, and the art is pretty effective.




Batman Odyssey vol.2 #2.

I have to say, I don’t enjoy Neal Adams as much as a writer as I would like to. I did enjoy him collaborating with another master, Bill Sienkiewicz as his inker. Sometimes i play this game fiinding the panels inked by Val and the ones by Neal… fun for the geek!

Brimstone #2 from Zenescope.

I wanted to love this horror/western, bu the art put me off. And upon further analysis I am not sure it is the the art, but the print tone that showcases the art after being put on paper.

WAAAAAY too dark for my taste.

So dark that most of the time I can’t make heads or tails.

Green Arrow #4 #5

Competent work on the art, but the story had nothing worthwhile capturing my interest. I love Dan Jurgens pencils. Been a fan of his for decades!

In the DC camp, he is just a few steps below Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!

Hellriser by boom studio.

It is such a one trick pony… none of the movie iterations ever managed to surpassed the impact of the original. I think that none of the writers or scripts chosen to elongate the franchise were worth a damm.

This editoin also leaves me kind of … blah…

Cute covers though.Yep, that’s about it for this week.

Care to comment?


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