What am I reading now? February part 2

Batwoman 4 and 5.

PSSSAA. It has pretty good art, but too much landscape page layout on the page design.

I can’t get into the story.

If i can’t get into the story, is that becuase I am the exception of the audience they(the publishers) are trying to capture, or am I representative of it?

I guess time and sales figures will tell.

Animal Man #5

Still dont get what all the fuss is about.

Really I don’t.

Are audiences loving it becuase it is retelling a different story?

Are critics loving it because it is enhancing the previous incarnation?

Who knows.. but someone cares, or so the media says.

Aquaman #5

I really got behind this book.

Love how the dynamics plays showing this reluctant hero and the world that criticizes  him.Love how low key he is protrayed.

Good Choices, Geof Jones! You keep me buying this floppy that otherwise I would’ve ignored, much like Aquaman has been ignored most of his published existance.

Catwoman #5

Pretty good art. And I am enjoying the story. It may not be anything new, just a plain vigilante story, but the voice that Selina speaks in makes me listen (read). Love the FOR ADULT tone of the book.

Got tired of the talking-heads who keep complaining about the over-sexualization of a street-wise high-class hooker turned vigilante… Why don’t they focus on having the WB channel create a kiddie carton version of it?

I love my adult-themed books when it deals with adult themes.  Go figure!

Crossed Psychopath #7

Holydisappointment! How did it got to this from the Garth Ennis script?

And it is not because Laptham can’t write.

Caligula was pretty decent.

Oh well. Not all can be winners I guess.

That’s it for this week.

What have you been reading?


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