What am I reading now? Exciting new category of blog entry

What am I reading now?

Welcome to a new type of blog entry that I am going to be testing, to see how it works. It is a quick way of adding a blog entry, and in it i will try to review a couple or three of floppies, and such.

That way, if you have doubts about picking up a floppy, you can always check me out and see if I am reading it, and what my first impression is, not that first impressions matter that much.

So lets get started.

What am I reading now? Action Comics #6.

Grant Morrison kinda lost me here. I don’t mean that I can’t follow the story, I mean that midway through… I stopped caring. Gone was the social angle that hooked me in the first two issues, and the human factor, and we are back to superheroics, and guys with their underwears outside their pants.

Kubert’s art is, as usual, a saving grace! Love the guy.

But then DC also give me some filler story at the end, and I felt kinda cheated. I like my floppies to have a theme, and one set of artists, unless I am buying a compendium, or something like that.

The reason why I bought this, besides cause I though Morrison was going to give me the same wow factor as in the beginning, and had to deal with the disappointment, was because I wanted to test the Digital Offering that you can find in the back cover. I tested it, and love it.

Seriously, $4 for a floppy is a bit too much, even more so for a floppy i didn’t love. I would feel better paying $1.5 for the digital version, and in this case I would’ve just deleted it after reading it, and wouldn’t cry about it too much.

What else am I reading now? Vampirella Vol.1 #13 Dynamite

I am really trying, trying hard, to like this title, on account of the great legacy that I remember from Jose (Pepe) Fernandez doing the Warren Vampirella…

I admit that is too much of a legacy to live up to… not easy…

The story on this is not bad. Seriously… I find it a bit formulaic… but readable. The art is good, but I repeat that I have the bias of expecting Vampi to wow me the same way that Jose Fernandez did it in the 70’s, and that is not happening.

For readers who are not familiar with the Warren, I think they will find this revision of Vampirella fun and entertaining, following the cliche of the “empowerd vixen” image and such.

I need something new, that I haven’t read before and this is not it for me.

The cover is gorgeous, though.

What else am I reading now? Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

And that is it for this series. I swear. I am glad it was a handmedown. Not because I hate it. I don’t. It is just that it started mediocre, and it remain mediocre, and it has one of those pet peeves of mine, which is lots of unwarranted splash pages .

So, I am actually giving up on this.

Does it have an audience?

I guess. I suppose so. It does have some interesting dynamic typical of the buddy-movies of Hollywood… Tango and Cash style… somehwere…

But it makes me feel cheated when I close the final page. And this decision has nothing to do with Starfire and her “pseudo” controversy.

That was a non-issue blown out of proportion by all means and standards.

Sad that the rest of the book is so …irrelevant.

I am reading more stuff, and some things are warranting a full review, so there is some good stuff coming down the pike.

But in the meanwhile, don’t forget to tell us WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN READING!!


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