Great Article on Marvel going Digital, by Jack Greer.

I rarely repost articles, but this one has so many insights, so many well developed opinions, that I had to post the link.

I actually believe that in the very NEAR future most comics will be purchased in digital format at very affordable prices. THEN the reader will head out to LCS (Local Comic Store) to buy the floppies.

I see a great market of selling digital comics for a dollar or so, and knowing that the true fan will want to have something tangible in his hands then the comic company will rely on the LCS to sell the Trade paper back.

I also predict that in the near future the LCS will shift their business models to carry mainly specialty items and Trade Paper Backs. The store will have more figurines and clocks, tshirts and paraphernalia than comics.

This trend will start in large cities, of course.

Smaller cities and large town, where you only find one LCS for 50 or 100 miles will be safer and be forced to adapt to this trend at a slower pace. Then again, almost everything is done at a slower pace in smaller towns anyway.

Anyway, go and read the article and let me know what your thoughts are!


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