Reviewing Independent Comics



It was a productive convention, the NYCC. Not so much for all the merchandising we bought, all the artists we met, all the books we got signed, all the pictures we took, but because we got to talk (albeit too briefly) with some courageous entrepreneurs that are making waves in the comic book publishing business.

Now I have to be fair to the readers of the blog.

Although I feel enthusiastic and consider myself one of the most ardent supporters of independents and small publishers, I can’t lie and say that everything published by independents is good. Some stuff makes you want to gauge your eyes out and make you read only Kierkegaard (without illustrations) for the rest of your life.

But I feel that is important to make a distinction:

Although a comic is a comic is a comic, it is a very different process when you are one of the Big Two, with lots of resources to back you up, and billionaire corporation sponsoring you, than when you are a writer/author who has a family and a full time job (doing something else) and you scrape by and find the resources to publish your dream.

I’m sorry but my love for the craft forces me to make this distinction.

So I will review these Independent titles we PURCHASED at the NYCC focusing in a little bit different criteria, mainly its contributions to innovative narrative and to conceptual ideas.

That is not to say that when we find an immature writer/artists we won’t call a spade a spade. One thing is being supportive, another thing is just being irresponsible, and we would be that if we don’t call them as they are.

I will start by posting a review on a great graphic novel that fell into our lap by chance, and we are glad it did.

So stay tuned for our first review of independents, in the form of a graphic novel by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner, Andy MacDonald and Matt Wilson, called

American Terrorist.


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