Save the Children!!! Please!!!

Are we all in the mood for a controversial post? Yes??? Allrightythen…. Sit around, boys and girls, and let me start by referring you too

About a Northern Ireland father that is trying to sue Facebook for not doing a better job of keeping HIS (the person suing) daughter off their website (Facebook)

This other article was sent to me last week, but just recently got around expressing my disgust. It narrates how a father was upset that google deleted the account he created for his newborn kid.

Then it promptly hurries to clarify that Google HAD to do it, because of another “half-assed” concocted law, Namely, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act — another one of these “for the children” laws that politicians love to pass without thinking about the unintended consequences.

“But what about the children!!!”

We constantly keep hearing this.

We hear it pertaining censoring video games;

we hear it pertaining movies, cartoons, and music;

we hear it pertaining comics;

we hear it pertaining drugs, guns and a myriad of other topics where children are as peripherally affected as muskrats, or the Neotoma (Key Largo Woodrat, an endangered species).

But of course, being this the blog it is, we shall focus on how this affects comics.

When a group or an individual starts making a fuss about children being exposed to improper material, the fist knee-jerk reaction I keep hearing about, is

a)      Fining the seller (or imprisoning)

b)      Censoring the material

c)       Both A and B


When talking about it with parents that keep playing the “SAVE THE CHILDREN!” card I get into an eternal loop that  goes more or less like this:

PARENT: Well! Do you want the children to be exposed to such filth?

ME: (What I am actually thinking is “I don’t give a fliying turd what YOUR kids are exposed to. YOU are responsible for them, and the fact that YOU have kids should not conflict in any shape or form with my enjoyment of life” but what I actually say is) Nope. But I don’t want those comics to be treated like they are something to be hidden.  For the record,  I don’t have a problem compromising with labeling those comics as FOR ADULTS ONLY, and keeping them in separate access, like separate table or bin, but not in a separate room altogether!

PARENT: But the kids could see them!

ME: (What I am actually thinking is “Yeah, but again, I don’t give a flying turd what YOUR KIDS see or DON’T see. YOU SHOULD care cause they are your kids, and you should then BE WITH THEM all the time, and LEAVE ME and other responsible adults the heck alone” but what I actually say is) Well, they are your kids they are your responsibility. If you go to the comicbook store and complaint that you don’t want those books in the table next to your kids books, I will complain to the owner that I don’t want my adult books being hidden away like they have lepracy. Or maybe I should complaint that I don’t want kids near my adult books? And the bookstore should then open a separate room where you can hide with your kids from the realities of life? And I don’t know how much you spend on your kids books, but I assure you I spend hundreds monthly in the store, because I love comics, and I am adult with a hobby, not a parent trying to use comics as “De facto” babysitters for my kids.

PARENT: OH, I can tell you don’t have kids! Otherwise you wouldn’t be talking like that!

ME: I fail to understand how having children or not should interfere with my adult enjoyment of my adult hobby. Nor how it should interfere with your ability to make rational choices and be consequent with your decisions. Do you love your kids?

PARENT: Of course I do… that’s why i…

I INTERRUPT THEM: OK! SO if you love them it is your job to be with them, supervise what they do, how they behave and what they see and what they take away from those life experiences.

NOT MINE, not the comic book industry, not Disney and not anyone else but you. THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU BUDDY.

PARENT: Man I can tell you don’t have kids. You are talking crazy.

ME: Man, I can tell you are one of those irresponsible dolts who didn’t thought it through having kids, (and what I sometimes say , sometimes don’t is “and should’ve been castrated at birth to save the rest of us the bourden of putting up with you and your offspring”)

And from here sometimes we get into fistfights, sometimes they just walk away.


My dearest reader: Being a parent is hard.

I should now! As a son, I had to put up with parents most of my young life!!!

You have lots of sacrifices to make, and lots of choices to take, and  lots of things to endure.

But the fact remains that you elected to have kids. YES YOU ELECTED. It was your choice, because

a) It takes effort and will to have sex. And

B) Even if you are pregnant you still have choices about completing the term. Even if you have different moral and ethical opinion THERE ARE ACTUALLY METHODS of not bringing that pregnancy to end, not like in the stone=age. I am not saying you have to agree with it, or you should do it, anymore than vegetarians should eat meat, but the same as a person who chooses to be vegetarian, YOU COULD eat meat.

While I am making the conscious decision of not pursing having children AND take measures not to have them, by the same token I expect you having children shouldn’t interfere with my life.

I will stand by this statement: The majority of people I have met are not ready nor prepared to be parents.

If I have to put a number, I would say somewhere between 70-80% of parents I’ve met turn out to be failures  as such.  And usually it is because they lack the maturity and the generosity to be good at it, and they are either too self centered, or too self absorb, or to egotistical, or all of the prior to be good parents.

To buttress my point, I remind you that as of this writing, the world is over-populated, so the circular logic that people tell me of “If we all thought like you, we would be extinct” currently doesn’t hold water.

Actually if everyone thought like me, we would have a correction on the world population. We would wind up changing our minds later on, anyway.

But the reality is that the majority of parents had a choice of being one at one time or another. By a choice  I mean that someone sticked something into someone, and 9 months later… surprise!!! If you didn’t have a choice, you would have cases of spontaneous pregnancies. A single chaste lady walks into a loundrymat, and suddenly, between rinse cycle and drying..”CONCEPTION!!”

But that is not the case.

So please please please remember this:

  • If you are a parent, I (as someone non-involved in your life) don’t need to hear your kid’s tantrum in the mall.
  • I don’t need to have your kid kick the back of my seat on the plane or the bus.
  • I don’t need to hear your kids crying the crowded (or empty) movie theater.
  • AND because of the nature of this blog I need to say that I don’t want to see your kids anywhere near my ADULT comics, and I don’t want to hear your parenting opinions in any other comic section than the Kids Comics section.

MY life SHOULDN’T be affected in any way shape or form because you have kids. IF YOU HAVE KIDS, that’s your problem. NO ONE ELSE. If your kids affect my life or in anyway diminish my enjoyment of life (and comics) that means you are failing as a parent, and a member of society, who don’t respect the wishes of those of us who don’t want to have kids near our adult activities, nor our adult hobbies.

And also, it is ok to have common grounds. This is not about hate-talk.

For example we, ( me and my (NOKIDS) spouse) can meet you and your (Full of kids) family, in the park, or the pool, and we won’t complain about kids nearby. As long as they don’t behave like brats or jerks,but that behavior should be expected from all human beings, adults and kids alike.

Could this be a byproduct of the current societal trend of people not wanting to take responsibility for their actions?

Can this have repercussions into politics and affect censorship in comics?

Can this affect censorship in general?

More on this later on.


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