I too have been following the Mike Meyer case….

For those of you who were unaware




Save Superman - Help Mike MeyerWe were sorry to learn of 48-year-old Mike Meyer, a mentally disabled man who was robbed “of about 1,800 of his favorite Superman comic books, some dating to the 1950s,” and cherished collector’s items including lunch boxes, an old-time radio, a Monopoly game and television set.

There are numerous watchgroups and fans who are demonstrating support in multiple different ways.

Spread the word.


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  1. ComicWatcher says:

    Update on 9/22/2011
    Comics Allience did their own drive to support Mike Meyer in his hour of loss.

    His collection of 1800 comics was restored thanks to the efforts of Reddit, 4chan, Facebook, Get Satisfaction and hundreds of other blogs that spread the word.

    But as an even happier ending note, then, police finally caught a lucky break and caught the thief.
    Gerry A. Armbruster, 37, of the 2200 block of Iowa Street in Granite City
    was arrested when committing a similar crime, this time pertaining jewels.

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