Comic Review: The Triumvirate of Frankenstein Comic Part III




Writer(s): Neal Adam


Artist(s): Neal Adams


US Publisher: Vanguard




The last work I will mention is a small wonder (small in size and quantity of pages, but not less wondrous.)


Neal Adams’ Monsters is being re-published by VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS, and it has been conceived as a homage to the triumvirate of the classic monsters in western society of the twentieth century, namely, the werewolf, the creature of Frankenstein, and Dracula.



Again, Neal Adams will dumbfound us with his range of body and facial expressions, his choice of angles for some panels, and the mastery of his inking pen. This edition of this book stands out on the quantity of authors comments and inside notes that generously are inserted at the beginning and at the end of the main story.

Like so many times before when this master artists has tried to pen his own stories, the script comes across a bit mediocre. Not bad, not deplorable. Ingenious at times with some twist and turns, but for the most part we can assert that had it been illustrated by the pen of a less meritorious artist, the story would’ve been remarkably forgetful.

But the theatrical poses chosen for the models populating his panels, the angles contorted and sometimes baroque selected to frame the players, the mastery of the trace, the security and self-assurance found on every stroke of ink, it all shows another amazing piece of work for Neal Adams, and another reason for art lovers to rejoice.

The reason why I chose to review this three graphic novels is because they actually make a nice section on your comic book case/display, they are worthy of praise on their own merits, but they are also not so well known that it should server to feed that ego that many collectors have to scream “I am cool, cuase I discover NON-MAINSTREAM stuff!!”

Once piece of work that we can’t leave without mention is the amazing and invaluable book that Berni Wrightson did on the original novel and it was originally published in 1983, if memory serves me (I get too lazy to google this stuff, when I’m writing a review… the irony….) by none other than…. Marvel!!

Later it got picked up by other publihsers, of course, but the art inside….

It is astounding! Amazing! A thing to be studied and replicated by any art student learning about illustration an inking!! A MUST!!

But since I intend to do a Focus on the artist segment later on solely for Berni Wrightson, I will reserve judgment and further compliments till then.



So, on my Critics rating,  Monsters by Neal Adams gets




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