Update: I will start to review “floppies” (monthly issues) comics soon

Well, actually two news in one post.

I have decided that once in a while I will also review monthly issues of comics. They won’t get the full rating based on stars. Mainly they will get thumbs up or down, and I will try to be as clear as posible on the reasons for my like or dislike..

I still have a lot of TPB to review, but I want to bring the spotlight on some comics out there of outstanding quality, and sometimes can’t wait for a TPB.


Also, i just got involved with a project that donates comics to children’s hospitals. So far, I am volunteering in an organization in NY, but I would be curious towards your charitable ideas and sugestions in your neck of the woods.

What do you do when you want to donate comics?

Is it a hassle where you live?

Does your library take them? (I’ve found out that many don’t)

Let me hear your opinions on the matter!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. What is this project that donates comics to children’s hospitals? I have a large number of kids comics that I’d love to donate to a good cause!

  2. ComicWatcher says:

    The reason why it took me so long to respond to this comment is that I’ve been in touch with the guys trying to put together this initiative and they are encountering quite a bit of reticence from the couple of children’s hospitals that we are dealing with. Mainly the concern is how appropiete the comics will be for the ages of the kids, how will that be determined, and how will we get consent from the parents.
    Believe or not, there are different and even antagonistic views when it comes to comics, and some parents even state that “That is pagan filth” while other actually believe comics will shorten their kids attention span, for what I’ve been hearing from the hospitals social workers….

    I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Sheesh! Well, here’s hoping it gets resolved, like, before there are no more sick children in the world.

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