Our First Comic Preview: The Theater, published by Zenescope, to be released September 2011

Comic Preview: The Theater, by Raven Gregory, Martin Montiel, Micheal F. Garcia

US Publisher: Zenescoope

Release Date: September 2011


Thanks to my little blurb a couple of days ago, expressing curiosity regarding Zenescope next project The Theater, that golden-haired gentleman among gentleman, Raven Gregory sent me a preview of the first issiue.

So this is a first for my humble blog, a full comic Preview!!

And I love it when comics advertise with hype and then they deliver.

We have here a horror comic book, that gives plenty of winks at the cheesy horror flicks of yesteryear, while rendering homage to the horror magazines per excellence that Jim Warren published back in the 70’s Creepy and Eerie, where a narrator takes introduces you to the story.

This time the homage has been done quite cleverly for a comic book, albeit the reference will likely be lost on younger audiences, but I felt right at home with this book, following a very solidly constructed horror story.

The art is quite refined, and the two artists, Martin Montiel and Micheal P. Garcia have picked my curiosity and I look forward seeing more of them in the very near future. They concocted and ambience and a sequence of details that was perfect for this type of book, and the ambiance lived up the pace, and the pace kept in step with the nature of the story.

Now, I’ve come to love the guys at Zenescope for the ample doses of cheesecake they regale us in the covers, and I am still impress how they manage to improve on the past. This up and comers are master-marketers, and I’ve been following them from the shadows in a couple of signings and conventions we happen to coincide, and they are all about the fans. That warms my old and fuzzy heart. They have no qualms about sitting down and chatting with you, as long as you demonstrate some love for their material.

Now, I am not saying that I love everything that they publish. Actually there is not a single comic book publisher with multiple titles that can force me to make such a blanket statement.

But I stand by the fact that horror aficionados are likely to be pleasantly surprised with the effort, the craft, and the savvyness put into this particular title.

I know that come September, I will be picking up THE THEATER on the comic shop.

I hope Mr. Gregory and the boys continue putting out the rest of the issues with the same commitment to quality in graphical storytelling as they are displaying here!

That will make for a very high ranking Trade Paperback.

Time will tell.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The name is Michael Garcia, if there is a need for the middle name it’s an “F.” Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. ComicWatcher says:

    Thanks for the correction, Michael. Sorry for the mistake. My sincerest apologies.
    Love your work, though!!!

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