I’m actually curious about Zenescope’s next project “The Theater”

I haven’t been able to take Zenescope seriously yet, but that is not a bad thing. In a world where The Big Two publishing houses keep competing to see who puts out more and darker versions of their beloved heroes, it is good to sometimes take something in with a little bit of a lighter mood. Like I said, I want to have some books out there that I don’t have to take seriously. As long as the publisher and  I are on the same page.

Zenoscope has produced a trove of titles from which some are cholesterol-inducing compendiums of cheesecake, while others are genuinely interesting plots and stories with decent art to support them.

These guys are smart publishers. They know their audiences and they cater to them splendidly. They have cornered the market pretty well for those teens who want to deem themselves “too cool for capes” and want to show their affinity for teen angst and the darker side.

And it works, for them!

I won’t get into details because I honestly don’t want to hurt any egos, but I initially tired of Zenescope due to the disparity of quiality between their covers and their inside art.

Bottom line, it is easier to do a flashier cover than 16 or 24 pages of consistent good storytelling with good graphical skills and good flow.

But one great redeeming quality is that you can’t categorize all their books under this blanket. For example, their comic adaptation of the Charmed TV series is pretty entertaining and sometimes of higher quality and better writting than the tv counterpart.

Sinbad, Salem’s daughter and The Waking are three particular titles that shine in the collection.

Individually reviewed not all may get better than 6 stars (some may) but it makes for a good read coming from a publisher that is way below the radar of the number produced by the Big Two.

So now, Raven Gregory (0ne of Zenescope writers) has been announcing The Theater, and for what i’ve seen in previous, it is a title i am excited about picking up.

As you may remember from other postings, I don’t have a problem with Cheesecake or sexyness in comics, as long as is done apologetically OR in good taste.  For what I’ve been reading, the story that Raven Gregory will bring us sounds interesting and worth reviewing and the art seems to be up to par.

Knowing that this is a comic directed to males in their late teens and young adults, you know what to expect so no need for a rant about sexism or what is and isn’t demeaning to women, nor any of all that PC stuff.

I hope when it gets relesead it turns out to be a book worth reviewing in depth here.

It is expected to hit stores September 2011


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