How hard is to track down the original of an old comic book cover?

Last Sunday after dinner a good friend and I started pondering about great comic book covers we admire, and the topic came up of how only very recently the art is being returned to the artist (by most companies, although the exceptions may surprise you).

Then we started talking about a book by Neal Adams where he comments on how much effort he put onto the originals for a story on the origins of Dracula, and how he never saw those originals back.

We wondered if we could elicit some feed back from the comic book community in a search for the originals of a comic book piece, but doing the search from the standpoint of a fan.

So, after much back and forth, we both agreed on

the cover for The Spirit #3 published by Warren in 1975.

My friend will actually pound the pavement, while I will follow the threads online.

We’ll see where this leads us, and maybe i will be able to contribute a blog entry soon, narrating a riveting tale of intrigue and detective work, worthy of a Raymond Chandler story.

If you have any leads, hints, contacts you can share, use my e-mail on my profile, or post a reply to this post!!



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