Focus on the Artist: Chris Noeth and his web-comic Maya

The other day an acquaintance brought to my attention

I spent a few minutes reading, and found a well polished product with lots of interesting aspects and worthy of mentioning.

On the Plus side:

  •  We have a webcomic, a new media that escapes the influences of “the big two”, and I am curious to see how webcomics will find their way into the new landscape of digital publishing. Will they be used as launching boards, waiting to get picked up by a “paper&ink” publisher?

Will Pay-for-click model make them viable to stay online for free?

  •  The art is solid, the colors well balanced. I’ve seen more amateurish work in actual print, even coming from one of the” Big Two” in recent years.
  • The other story you were putting together “SNACK” managed to captivate me much more. And I found the effort you put in the art to really stand out, giving you a more distinguishable voice.

If I were to find both your books in the newsstand, Maya and Snack, I would wind up buying Snack, and Maya may be a lesser choice, one of those you pick up when you have some money to burn (How often that happens?)

On the not so plus side:

The visual narrative spends too much time exposing the characters. That is not a bad thing, but usually audiences are looking for a balance between character strength and external agency. They want to see the characters show their personality WHILE solving a crisis situation.

I understand where Chris Noeth is coming from, and that narrative style it does differentiate the comic from most out there in the market. I am just concern that audiences will be too accustomed to the pacing they’ve come to expect from The Big Two and not appreciate this change of style.

Another minor snag in the approach that Chris Noeth has taken is that he chose to put the preview of his comic on the web.

The web!

Where the average surfer’s attention span is that of a mosquito on crack!!

His good work will suffer because his work requires an investment on the part of the reader. His work is more oriented to the OLD SCHOOL comics of the Sunday afternoon, the ones you pick up in print, and sit in your couch to read, and wind up having a rich experience thanks to the rich dialog and the character exposition.

I hope my concern is proven wrong, Chris, and your comic is a big success. I always love innovation and more so when it comes from somewhere else than “The Big Two” .

To anyone who wishes to check out his work, go to and leave him your comments.

God knows that when you are getting a project off the ground all feedback is welcome, and we all want to see more product in the shelves, don’t we?

Chris Noeth’s Blog can be found here

Follow his blog to get the preview of SNACK


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