Recommendations :Check out Jim Shooter’s blog

Well, a quick entry to state that I if you love comic history you should be following Jim Shooter’s blog.

His blog is great for lots of tidbits on the past history of Marvel publishing, all narrated by the entertaining voice of this former Editor in Chief of the publishing giant.

I’m still catching up with all the posts, and that is how suddenly, that Marvel snaffu in the 1970 about Hercules moving Manhattan Island with a chain… suddenly it all makes sense!!


On another note, I notices this patter about people being shy about posting on this blog, but have no problems contacting me via e-mail.

Well, I welcome all interaction, and will continue to do my best to answer all e-mails (I wish I had that many that I couldn’t answer… I WISH!) but just wanted to point that any comment you leave on the blog motivates other readers to also comment… and thus, dialogue ensues… and who knows! Maybe interesting things are said by all!!


Well, I am just grateful for the hits. I checked with my wife and she confirm that it is not her hitting the site from different IP’s in NY (JOKE)

Thank you for reading!!


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