DC announced they will start releasing its digital comics on the same day as print in September

Even though we have the examples of the Movie industry and the Record Industry behaving like dinosaurs when embracing the digital medium that the new age brings, I think the comic book industry is being a bit insensitive to its retail partners.

Lots of comic-books shops across the nations, big and small, are adding another variable to the already complicated formula of “how many issues should I order?”, and this may even put some shops in the red.

Of course I don’t presume to know all the factors that were taken into consideration for making this decision at DC, but it is hard to imagine how a more flexible timetable couldn’t have been implemented.

For example selecting the September date for releasing the digital comics 1 week after they reach the retail shops, and then in January re-evaluating the impact and deciding whether to same-day release or keep a one week delay.

I think that Brian Michael Bendis was right when he was   quoted in an article for newsarama http://www.newsarama.com/comics/dc-retailers-number-ones-110601.html stating “If people want to see the local comic shop stick around they need to support brick and mortar stores.”

  • Do you think the same date release will have a big impact on stores?
  • Do you think the numbers by DC are not enough to worry store owners?
  • And do you think Marvel will follow suit with all its titles (The Ultimate line-up is already same-day-release)?


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