Marvel 100 Project: Real Heroes with the Hero Initiative

While perusing in my comic book store for something special, I came across something that I wasn’t aware of before. This little TPB with Spidey’s mask on the cover, with the title The Ultimate Spiderman 100 Project.

I started browsing and saw that it was a compendium of a bunch of covers. Nothing earth-shattering there. Except that some of the artist were actually the writers… and that made for some “funny” art-appreciation.

Then something else caught my eye. A caption stating that ALL THE PROCEED  from the sales of that comic would go to The Hero Initiative.

Bitten by the bug of curiousity, I pulled out my trusty Android right then and there and did a quick search for The Hero Initiative.

It turns out that they are a non-profit agency that works with multiple publishers to obtain resources that get allocated to comicbook creators in need.

It should be noted that for every Frank Miller or John Byrne or Neal Adams that makes a nice living with comics and graphic art there are hundreds if not thousands of artists that barely bet past beyond that first issue they get published, and sink into obscurity, (or wind up writing blogs for themselves) and never get to return to the career they loved and wished they could’ve worked in.

And then there are those artists that despite working in the field a lot, they happen to fall on hard times, and suddenly find themselves homeless, or bedridden, or both.

So Marvel and other publishers assist in many ways to this organization, sometimes organizing events, sometimes publishing special issiues that contribute to the good cause.

This particular issue in my hands was very well read, and almost falling apart, but also it was the last copy, so I bought it and took it home, and held it together with scotch tape so I could start reading it.

Well, you got Sergio Aragones being hilarious, Frank Cho being sexy, Sal Buscema being a classic, Alan Davis being elegant, Guillermo del Toro, Neil Gaiman being illustrators, Adam and Andy Kubert being brotherly, Terry Moore not being a stranger, Darick Robertson doing a spiderman and even Dave Symm going all Cerberus on the Webhead.

100 plus covers all worth contributing to a wonderful cause.

Now, you may not be able to find this particular issiue of 100 Project, because i think it is pretty old, (Published in 2007) but since them Marvel has published

The Wolverine Weapon X 100 Project

and also

 The Hulk 100 Project

and I hear that they are about to release (if not done already) an Avengers 100 Project.

Well, if you love this medium I want to direct you to their page and read around

The Hero Initiative.

Not only you will find some startling and heart wrenching testimonials, but you will also find an area to donate, and different types of ways you can assist, like volunteering at their events, or taking advantage of one of those programs where they tow away your cloncker car that has been rusting away in the back yard.

So, on my Critics rating, Marvel’s 100 Project  gets

10  STARS (can’t think of a better way to give out the highest rating possible for the first time in this blog)


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