FOCUS ON THE ARTIST: Moon Knight: Vol 5 A descent into darkness.

Moon Knight: Vol 5 by David Finch (artist) and Charlie Huston (Writer)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Illustration of Moon Knight, by David Finch (Not the cover of any TPB)
This latest incarnation of the Moon Knight  was first published in 2006, and as soon as I picked it up something happened in me.
You see, I’ve been following this character of Marvel since Bill Sienkiewicz took it and made it amazing, back in the 80’s, I think.
That whole play on his multiple personalities, and him coming to terms with it, made it a few steps more revolutionary than Batman’s psychosis, and made up for all of Bruce Wayne’s mumbo jumbo of law and order, and no kill policy.
Marvel’s answer to the Dark Knight, was making a real DARK Knight, dressed in white.
But somewhere in there, after Bill Sienkiewicz, it went downhill, and no one seemed to care.
Fast forward to present day:
You pick up any issue here and the first thing that jumps at you is the art. Given new depths under the pencils and inks of David Finch, this new MK has bulk, has darkness, and has gravitas going on for him.
And suddenly, you feel interested in the character, drawn in by the amazing artwork.
And the script lives up to the expectations the art sets. Here you get Mark Spector in all his delusional glory, talking to himself, (and often answering back), loosing friends, making enemies and getting is so much trouble as only a Super Hero suffering from Multiple Personalities syndrome could do.
But even at times, when the script was just average, Mr. Finch kept us glued to the page with his somber contrasts, his tantalizing highlights, and his attention to detail that borders on the obsessive.
Finch has done other work since, and currently you can find him doing an amazing Batman for DC. The thing is, he hasn’t stopped growing since Moon Knight, and he has increased his arsenal of artistic devices and techniques to a degree that is really dumb-founding. Unlike Mr. Sienkiewicz, who decided to forsake an accessible art style, and went on doing surrealist comics and convoluted oil paintings that metastasized his artist within (but alienated the rest of the popular comic followers);  Finch seems to understand that you have to strike a balance between your art, and your general audience when you dwell in the realm of the comic-book, and for that he remains on top of my list of artist to watch out for!!
I’m partial to the Trade Paperback compilation released by Marvel, and they did a nice job on the putting together of the book.

So, on my Critics rating, Moon Knight Vol 5  gets


Mr. Finchs’ blog can be found

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