About what my reviews mean.

If you are going to be getting tips from me on what to spend your hard-earned money (or hard earned allowances) then you should know where I’m coming from and why I say what I’m saying.

The comic art allows the public to get acquainted and enjoy an art form that stresses the balance between three key elements: writing, artistic prowess, and production values.

Comic book creators that made an impact on the way I appreciate comics are (in no specific order)
Alex Raymond
Will Eisner
Berni Wrightson
Neal Adams
Fernando Fernandez
Frank Miller
John Byrne
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Grant Morrison
Jose Ortiz
Hiroaki Samura
Garth Ennis
Hiroya Oku
Jean Giraud (Moebius)
Enki Bilal
Jean Van Hamme
Milo Manara
Naoki Urasawa
Fear not, I intend to update this list as more come to mind, and add titles and specific works so you can do your own research.
If you have someone who you think should be in this list of CMP (Comic Master Pieces) e-mail it to me, and give me some reasons why you deem it relevant, and I’ll look into it.
Now, pertaining what I hate… there are few items in the world of comics that fall into that category, but I rather just omit them and not give them bad rep. Now, if they come up in the life of this blog, I will talk bout the reasons why I dislike them, and try not to label them as “Pieces of Sh*t. I believe in stating your position and why you stand by it.

Now, the rankings. I will rank comics from 0 to 10. 0 being a comic that has no reason to be printed except to be the exception to the rule that no comic shouldn’t have seen the light of day, and 10 being an absolute masterpiece, something that should be taught in the classrooms next to The Iliad and Romeo and Juliet.

I don’t expect to talk much about the ceros, and I don’t believe the 10’s exist, so lets enjoy the happy middle.
About Images: I don’t want to incur into issues with licenses, but I do believe, from an ethical standpoint, that if I am giving publicity to a product or making a critical comment, I should be allowed to display an image found in a public medium such as the internet. I will only link images from the editors, and publishers, and if they ask me to take down the link, I will comply and state that such and such publishing company asked me to take it down, just so you know.
Now shall we move on, and start talking comics?

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